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'sojodibujos-web' is the artistic place where you'll find some of the most outstanding works of the cartoonist Miguel A Sojo

This great and sometimes complicated adventure called life begins in Madrid in 1974, I was born with the ability to draw, there are those who call it 'having a gift', I think that they are only things of genetics.

In adolescence I spent most of my time filling in notebooks with different drawings of all kinds, my first comic character was called 'the Antichrist', with him I filled several pages in some fanzines in my town north of Madrid, San Sebastián de los Reyes, and also in a couple of issues of a Barcelona magazine, so what would first be a hobby, it would end up being an occupation.

In 1997 'Mud' was born, this little red goblin that I designed to be the mascot of a bar that bore his name (The Bar of 'Mud').

Some years later I began to alternate between pencils and video cameras, because due to one of those hazards in life I recorded the first of several shorts that made me debut as a director and producer.

Around that time I started drawing storyboards for other directors' shoots, even for some of my own projects.

In 2010 I moved to another city, a change of scene that made me write some new lines as director of music videos, then I continued traveling to other cities, to this day I continue working to grow this small BIG company.


- step by step the road is made -

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